Dave Camp
Dave Camp’s energetic musical style was influenced by Georgetown clubs in Washington D.C. from the late 60’s through the early 70’s, a fertile musical ground while in high school.

He migrated to California, where he joined the Big City Blues Band. He was then recruited by legendary Mississippi blues shouter, Roy Brown, who touted Dave’s Hammond organ style in many famous L.A. clubs, including sold out shows at the Whiskey A Go Go.

After Roy’s demise, he gained recognition and popularity as he performed in concert with many blues headliners.  Some included Smokey Wilson, Willie Dixon, Big Mama Thorton, Jimmy Witherspoon, and Thunderbird’s KimWilson.

After a five year stint with the Hurricane Blues Band, a national touring act, he landed in South Florida.  There, he played with various bands.

Next, Ron Wood opened the club Woody’s on South Beach and Dave was hired for the house band run by Bobby Keys to play weekly.  Once a month, Ron Wood joined the band and often brought prominent musicians to sit in.

Then in the late 80’s, Dave joined the Blind Tigers, which proved to be quite prophetic. The band broke up and Dave was blinded as a passenger in an auto accident in November 1990. South Florida clubs, including Tobacco Road and Cheers, had several benefits for Dave. Three months later, he was back playing, and by 1992, he was running his own band, DC Blues.

In 1993, he released his first CD, Alive and Kickin’. Shortly thereafter, he was he was hired by Muddy Water’s guitarist, Jimmy Rogers for one of his last tours in 1995.

Since then, he entertained from the Florida Keys to the Georgia line, while maintaining a core band on the west coast for biennial events in San Diego. He incorporated the New Orleans influences to his music he had gleaned from Warren Ceasar, among others, while playing at Florida’s Bon Temp Square and Evangeline’s, where he lead the Smoky Rabbit Gumbo Band.

This is reflected in the new originals he released on the CD, Blind Date, in 2002, a pre-release to his final completed project titled Second Chance.  From DC Blues to the present Dave Camp Band, he selected each area’s most talented artists to produce his unique sound. Although musicians are varied, one thing did not… Dave Camp’s music.

Second Chance was compiled from his two previous CD’s with added tracks. This classic collection and the current band sound has resulted from many years of experience, hard work, and innovative song writing. Simply put, no matter what the setting or mix, what Dave has created is just good music!

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